RSMSSB Vanpal and Vanrakshak Exam Book ( New Edition)

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RSMSSB Vanpal and Vanrakshak Exam Book ( New Edition)

Book Language- Hindi .

RSMSSB Vanpal aur Vanrakshak Exam Book Special Facts -

> Collection of questions asked till November 2020 in various competitive examinations.

> free weekly current affairs pdf & test

Index- >

> General Knowledge of Rajasthan - > Geography - Geography of Rajasthan: > History of Rajasthan, art culture, literature traditions and heritage > Political Science - Constitutional Development, Parliament, Preamble (Preamble), Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha, Fundamental Rights, Local Self-Government, Federal Executive, Administrative and Judiciary, Political Parties, Objective Questions, Important Questions and Answers, Various Duties asked in various examinations, etc.

> Indian History - Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Period, Jainism, Buddhism, Mahajanapada period, Movement, Mughal Empire, Maratha, Medieval India Objective Q&A, Modern India, New Awakening and Social Reformers in India, Revolution of 1857, Modern India, History Summary , Rajput Dynasty, Ancient India, Medieval Indian History, Delhi Sultanate-Dynasty etc.

> Geography - Geography: General introduction, forest wildlife, continents, soils, oceans in India Multipurpose projects, air pressure belts, ocean currents and tides, drainage system, topographical regions, biodiversity, environment, climate, important questions and answers asked in various examinations, transportation.

> General Science - Physics, health care, chemistry, some major branches of science, biology, objective questions, human body, exam critical questions, diet and nutrition, etc.

> Mathematics - Number System Simplification, Fracture Numbers, LCM, LCM, Time, Speed ​​and Distance Time, Trigonometry, Average, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit and loss, class and square root, graph, graph, etc

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